We have a stunning range of chair cover brooches available to hire or buy for your wedding 

Stand out from the crowd and add one of our beautiful chair brooches for your wedding or event.

The brooches look great put in the centre of a chair sash or to hold together a chair wrap. Our brooches can also be used to decorate your cake, bridesmaid’s dresses, bags, shoes, flowers, napkins, table swags, guest books and so much more.

We also sell our beautiful brooches, please contact us at or on 07734 152450 for more pricing information. 

Please see below for an overview of the current brooches we have available.

If you do not see the brooch you are looking for please get in touch as we are constantly adding to our stock. 

wedding brooches broach brooch pearl crystal to buy






broach brooch brooches wedding

The Sicily design brooch is a very beautiful sparkly brooch with a collection of large diamonds and a pearl centre. It measures 4.8cm at its widest point.





brooch brooches wedding broach crystal heartThe Vintage heart brooch has a collection of sparkly diamantes in a filigree setting. This pretty brooch measures approximately 3.8 cm across and 4.8cm tall.





brooch broach wedding brooches butterfly


The butterfly brooch is perfect for butterfly or flower themed weddings! it measures approximately 6cm across and 4.5cm in height.




pearl brooch vintage style brooches weddingA personal favourite of ours! This vintage pearl  brooch looks fantastic decorated just about anywhere. It has a large pearl centre surrounded by more pearls and flower diamantes.





brooch bow wedding brooches broach


The vintage bow measures 4.5 cm across and 2.7 cm high. It’s a lovely brooch with lots of sparkles.




brooch flower broaches wedding brooches

The Rome brooch has a large pearl centre with densely packed diamantes surrounding it in a flower shape. This brooch measures 4.5 cm in diameter.





Cluster Brooch wedding brooches broach

The cluster brooch is densely packed with lots of diamantes. A very classic brooch that looks very classy. This brooch measures 4.5 cm across.





brooch pearl crystal wedding brooches broach

The Lilly  is a pretty brooch with a vintage feel.  It has lots of sparkling diamantes with a pearl centre and measures 3.7cm at its widest.




roses brooch broochOur rose brooches look beautiful attached to the middle of sashes or to tie round a wrap/hood. Perfect for a flower themed wedding.





Here are a few photos to give you an idea of what our beautiful brooches look like attached to our sashes.

ivory lace hood with vintage brooch




ivory lace hood



chair taffeta +lace sqpink taffeta side bow with cluster broochchair organza +lace sq