Charger Plates

Vintage Style Charger Plates

New for 2015 and a very on trend we now have vintage style charger plates for hire.

Gold Charger Plates at Froyle Park

Gold Charger Plates

gold charger plate wedding

gold charger plate

silver charger plate

silver charger plate


Enhance the look of your table and add some modern elegance with our charger plates. Put your formal dinner plates set over these vintage charger plates for an some extra wow factor.

These beautiful charger plates are currently available in both gold and silver.

  • 13 inches wide. Fits standard size dinner plates.
  • High quality acrylic charger plate with very pretty floral detailing.

Please note these charger plates are for presentation and decorative purposes only. Please do not place food directly on plate.  The plates are not designed for direct food contact.

Please contact us if you require any further details.